Craig W. Cooley, Founding President

Craig is a native Californian, born into the baby boomers era in the 1950’s, in a small community in Northern California, Yreka. As a child he enjoyed the surrounding wilderness areas. From horseback riding into the great wilderness preserves, the Marble Mountains in Siskiyou County, to hiking the Oregon Caves; from camping out and Salmon fishing on the beautiful Klamath River, to deep sea ocean fishing on the California / Oregon coast. 


Craig gained a great appreciation for all the outdoors, from the pristine beauty of giant 1,000s of years old Sequoia Redwoods trees in Humboldt County, to the family cabin and white water rafting on the Trinity River; to the majestic glory of Mount Shasta protruding from the valley basin to 14,000 feet, displaying all year round, her crowing snow capped peaks and spectacular sunsets; to swimming and house-boating on Shasta Lake. A seeming unlimited outdoors that would remain in perpetuity for all to enjoy.


At 20 years old, Craig went to Shasta College, and with an interest in the environment, he took a class, “Ecology and the Environment”. It was a new class at the time, with a young and enthusiastic instructor; when the only real concern was smog and air pollution, particularly in Los Angeles, along with the chemicals being used in the Vietnam war, DDT and the vast array of chemicals being used for manufacturing with complete disregard for the environment. The era was free love, flower power and get "the hell out of Vietnam". Craig became active in student government, as "Chairman of the Environmental Action Committee”. He held organizational meetings to generate a greater awareness of the perils of our ways and alternative fuel mini expos at the local shopping malls, (we should note that natural propane gas was the only available alternative at the time).


Even in 1973 the predictions for the future were dire, and much emphasis was placed on the unknown effects of our chemicals, their effect on the ecosystem and how we might likely throw our world out of balance. "Silent Spring" was a best selling book! Fortunately, many things were accomplished, new legislation was developed, new laws were written, and new regulatory departments created and implemented to protect our world. Even Craig received a telegram from the Governor of Alaska, William A. Egan, commending him for his “think local” efforts.


Once again, Craig is concerned about our environment, but this time on a more primary level, the preservation of mankind and the treasures we all enjoy, with the sincere hope that he can truly make a difference. 

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Marcus Noble, Ph.D, Director of Technology Review 

​Before founding TMS, Dr. Marcus Noble was an experienced user of lasers, optics, spectrometers and related photonics technologies, and a seasoned industry professional responsible for developing novel photonic products.  He began his career as a widely published academic spectroscopist and photochemist before becoming Technical Director at a leading photonic component supplier - Melles Griot - where he oversaw all aspects of business development, product development, company literature, and product launching.