For the last several years we have heard a great deal about fracking. How this new technology for harvesting fossell fuels has placed the USA in the forefront is oil production and tipped the scales of international pricing. It seems odd, that a technology that was designed to extract fossell fuels from the earth, and generally considered to do it in a manner that is harmful to the underground envirorment, is very applicable to geothermal energy harvesting, with some major differences.


As you can see on the short video, drilling and injecting are the same for fossell fuel extractions as they are heat exchange for goethermal energy harvesting. Where the major difference is between the two, one injects harmful chemicals to facilitate the fossell fuel extraction process, the other injects a water solution in a heat exchange process. The drilling location for fossell fuels is used until it depleates the resource, where as the geothermal energy is virtually unlimited and renewable. This is important in that fossell fuels harvesting require drilling an multiple locations, again and again, with many harmful effects, while geothermal energy harvesting does not. And the fossell fuel extration process contaminates the underground environment while geothermal is clean and not harmful.  


So, the new technology that fracking has created, is applicable to the harvesging of an  energy source that is abundant, that is NOT harmful to the environment, above and/or below ground, and can easily resolve all our energy needs. When geothermal energy creates electricity, that powers our homes, our indusstries and our atomobiles, there is ZERO pollution as a result, and that is a very good thing. Taken a step further, limitless energy can desalinate water for drought plaged regions on a global level; end mass starvation and major epidemics. 


So the time is now, it has arrived, that we support a technology that accomodates our energy needs and keeps our envirornment healthy, livable, and in harmony with nature.  


The Geothermal Foundation has been created to steward our energy process into a new healthy and environmentally responsible technology.